CULTAVIT® is a highly concentrated Vitamin B-Complex from vegetal origin made from sprouted buckwheat suitable for functional food and nutritional supplement.

FLAVOCARE® is a Propolis Flavonoids standardized extract obtained through a unique and patented productive process for deodorant, antiacne and impure skin cosmetic applications

PROPOLSAVE® is a new and unique microencapsulated product, which contains a multi-acting combination of highly purified and characterized polyphenols derived from Propolis, and a natural mucoprotective extract from the Opuntia ficus indica plant Opunxia®.

SALIXIN® is a fermented extract from the bark of Salix Purpurea (red willow) with acid lactic by unique process for the application and development of cosmetic products and food supplements.

Vitamin D3V®, produced using a 100% non-GMO perennial plant source perfect for use across a wide range of applications including food, food supplements, pharmaceuticals and animal nutrition.

PELAGON P-70™ (dry extract from roots of Pelargonium sidoides) for the treatment of acute infections of the airways such as acute bronchitis, common cold, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis, etc.

ENXTRA™ is an energizing botanical extract from Alpinia galanga,clinically proven to improve alertness and focus upto 5 hours with and without caffeine.

BROMADVANCE 5000™ is a botanical extract of Ananas camosus (Pineapple stem). It contains 5000 GDU/g, whose main function is to act as a physiological adjuvant for digestive processes, inflammation of soft tissues, improvement of circulation and correct development of the skin, among others.

B Natural’s Propolis is a product with multiple benefits and numerous therapeutic applications. Furthermore, they have patented their own extraction method, Dynamic Multi Extraction M.E.D.®, which guarantees the same polyphenolic complex (not only flavonoids but also phenolic acid) and the integrity of all active substances.