Technical support in the project and adaptation to the client needs

One of our services is to search and locate, through our network of suppliers in the five continents, special compounds sometimes complicated to find in the international market.
We understand the importance of establishing strategic relationships through our value chain, to deliver high quality products to our customers.

We work together with our clients to develop the new cutting-edge products that consumers are looking for.

We have established access to many international markets through strategic alliances that allow us to reach more customers.

The traceability of the ingredients is key today, and our staff is committed to provide the maximum technical information to all our customers.

We deliver our products with complete certificate of analysis, GMO and allergens certificate, MSDS as well as a technical dossier. In addition, upon request we perform analytical tests in certified independent laboratories to ensure the quality of our ingredients.

See certificate Derquimica has recently obtained the ISO 9001: 2015 certification for the marketing, distribution and technical counseling of ingredients and raw materials for the pharmaceutical human and animal nutrition and cosmètics industries.
See certificate In addition we are certified by the the local authorities for the marketing, distribution and storage of ingredients and organic raw materials.
See certificate In addition to the SANDACH certification for the marketing, distribution and storage of ingredients and raw materials intended for feeding farm animals, among others.


The quality policy of DERQUIMICA  is based on offering our customers proven ingredients and raw materials.

We deliver directly from our warehouse located in Barcelona port, so we can guarantee a fast delivery. Our logistic system allows us to supply all our customers from containers of 1 kg in many references up to more than 1 ton.