Commercialization of ingredients and raw materials for the health industry.

DERQUIMICA is a family business founded more than 50 years ago by Don Mario Oro, a pioneer in the commercialization of phytotherapeutic active principles for the pharmaceutical industry of the time.


DERQUIMICA has created a new brand, DERWORLD that includes the more than 2500 references that we have and that we commercialize in four continents, with regular sales in more than 25 countries.


DERWORLD is divided into four areas of activity: Food supplements, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and Pet food.


We deliver directly from our warehouse located in Barcelona port, so we can guarantee a fast delivery. Our logistic system allows us to supply all our customers from containers of 1 kg in many references up to more than 1 ton.


DERWORLD (by DERQUIMICAhas the mission to bring to the health sector the supply of raw materials in different fields through a faithful commitment to our customers and suppliers, providing a close, personal and comprehensive service regardless of the size of the company since the priority for us is people.


Our vision is to be present in the largest number of successful formulations on the market that are the result of a good choice of ingredients to be effective in their therapeutic activities. Without forgetting that at the end of the industrial chain there is always a consumer/patient with a pathology or a need to supplement their diet.


The way to follow:

  • Continue providing personalized, sincere, and transparent treatment.
  • Accompaniment, agility, and robust confidence in each of the projects, because not only large projects are important.
  • Adaptation to changing times to always be updated and documented.
  • Scientific support both for obtaining the most recent evidence and the contribution of available technical information.


The CODE OF ETHICS is the DNA of the company, which includes our:

  • Commitment in any of the projects we manage.
  • Confidence and security in both national and international regulations
  • Efficiency in the different departments to always try to obtain professional excellence.
  • Service in our active listening to the needs of our customers.
  • Innovation providing innovative and value-added products and services.

Quality and complete traceability guaranteed

50 years
of experience

More than 150 tons of ingredients sold every year

Experts in natural


More than 2500
ingredients marketed

Presence in 25 international markets on 4 continents

Supply to more than 100
TOP consumer brands