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Derquímica official distributor from BNATURAL exclusively for Spain and Portugal.

BNATURAL is a company located in Corbetta (northern Italy), with 30 years of experience in the treatment of the Propolis, where its pillars are the commitment to extract THE VALUE and QUALITY of NATURE (particularly from the BEEHIVES), combining the approach ETHICS, the protection of the ENVIRONMENT and the SCIENTIFIC method.


Propolis, a product with multiple benefits and numerous therapeutic applications:

  • Respiratory health: Applicable for oral and nasal spray, effervescent tablets, capsules, syrups and water-soluble tablets.
  • Oral care: Indicated for the protection of dental plaque, caries, candidiasis and oral inflammation.
  • Gastrointestinal health: The studies carried out, the positive relationships of the polyphenols purified from propolis in the activity of the intestinal flora against Lactobacillus spp.
  • Intimate care: The properties of propolis, low pH and inactivity against Lactobacillus spp, make this product an alternative to therapy to cure and maintain the health of the vaginal tract.


Available stock for the different extracts of Propolils M.E.D.® (solids and liquids)


European origin.


GMP manufacturing with organic references.

Cultavit® is a highly concentrated Vitamin B-Complex from vegetal origin made from sprouted buckwheat suitable for functional food and nutritional supplement.

CULTAVIT® is a product based on germinated grains of buckwheat with essential nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements.


The most common is CULTAVIT V, a highly concentrated complex of Group B Vitamins (8 vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12) of plant origin (buckwheat).


  • Enhances the value of your products with an herbal solution of vitamin fortification.
  • Is particularly suitable for functional food and nutritional supplements. Suitable for vegans, gluten free.

Propolsave® is a new and unique microencapsulated product, which contains a multi-acting combination of highly purified and characterized polyphenols derived from Propolis, and a natural mucoprotective extract from the Opuntia ficus indica plant Opunxia®.

Propolis is a unique synergy between flora and fauna. It is composed mainly by the plant resins and exudates that bees gather from different plant origins. Opunxia® is a highly concentrated solid extract obtained from the cladode of Opuntia ficus indica (L.).


During the processing phase, the propolis extract is mixed with Opunxia® to obtain a double-active microencapsulated product, able to elicit multiple effects. This is due to the mucoadhesive properties of Opunxia® acting as a protective barrier for mucosae tissue and the highly purified polyphenols of Propolis acting as an antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory natural compound.


PROPOLSAVE®  is a microencapsulated powder suitable for all solid dosage forms such as powders, granules in sachet, tablets, effervescent, candies, vaginal suppositories, toothpastes, but also suitable for liquid formulation such as: spray, syrups, vaginal douche etc…


PROPOLSAVE® is suitable for the development of MEDICAL DEVICES, FOOD SUPPLEMENTS, and COSMETIC formulations.


Salixin® is a fermented extract from the bark of Salix purpurea (red willow) with acid lactic by unique process for the application and development of cosmetic products and food supplements.

The bark and leaves of the Salix purpurea contain a lot of active substances and for thousands of years the plant has been used for medicinal purposes. The ancient Egypt’s, -Chinese, -Greek and the native Americans among others used the Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-itching & Prebiotic effects of the willow bark.


The products are based on organic plant extracts obtained from specially selected willow species (Salix Purpurea & later on Salix Alba). The plants from which the extract is extracted is grown locally and organic in North Jutland (DENMARK).


SALIXIN® company extracts, refines and produces the willow extracts in their own factory and controls all processes from the cultivation to the finished raw materials with 100% traceability.


They are engaged in the development, production and sales of a functional ingredient for cosmetics and food supplements. They are a world class manufacturer with COSMOS organic certification.

VITAMINA D3V® produced using a 100% non-GMO perennial plant-origin.

Available in a selection of formats and concentrations, perfect for use across a wide range of applications including food, food supplements, pharmaceuticals and animal nutrition.


Conventional vitamin D3 is obtained from animal-origins. Vitamin D3V is 100% plant-source yet chemically-identical with the same highest quality and purity’s.


Traditionally, the sole reason Vitamin D2 is used in the marketplace has been to provide a vegetarian-suitable alternative to Vitamin D3. Now, Vitamin D3V takes away the requirement for the brands to use the inferior D2.


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PELAGON P-70™ dry extract from roots of Pelargonium sidoides.

PELAGON P-70™ (Pelargonium sidoides) for the treatment of acute infections of the airways such as acute bronchitis, common cold, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis, etc.

It is based on 4 synergistic mechanisms of action against respiratory pathogens:

  • Direct antimicrobial action
  • Indirect antimicrobial action
  • Anti-adhesive action
  • Secret-motor action.


Efficacy demonstrated in more than 7500 adults and more than 2500 children. It fights both bacterial and viral infections.

ENXTRA™ is an energizing botanical extract from Alpinia galanga, clinically proven to improve alertness and focus upto 5 hours with and without caffeine.

ENXTRA™ is a botanical ingredient without caffeine, extracted without solvents through patented process controls for optimal bioactives. Its DNA coincides more than 99% with the real galangal.


The functionality is based on 3 key points:

  • Blocks the activity of adenosine, which makes the alert and focus upto 5 hours.
  • Helps the release of dopamine, so it generates a feeling of wellness without increasing blood pressure or heart rate.
  • Increases blood flow, so that amplifies the benefits of caffeine without the feeling of the “crash”.


It is soluble in water and can be formulated with or without caffeine for all types of drinks, gels, bars, chewing gum, as well as tablets, capsules and powder.

BROMADVANCE 5000™, is an enzyme that comes from the stem of fresh pineapple whose main characteristic is its titration in Bromelain (5000 GDU/g) thus providing a high proteolytic activity.

Principal functions:

  • Physiological adjuvant for inflammation of soft tissues.
  • Involved in the improvement and correct assimilation of nutrients within the digestive functions.
  • Related to mucolytic, gastro-protective and immunomodulatory activity.
  • Physiological adjuvant related to the improvement of circulation, as well as the correct development and functionality of the skin.


It is insoluble in water and can be formulated for oral cosmetics and food supplements. Suitable for vegans.

Ashwagandha root extract standardized with multiple clinical trials that support it.

KSM 66 (ASHWAGANDHA)® functionality is:

  • Helps reduce stress, anxiety, cortisol levels, and stress-related food cravings.
  • Helps enhance memory and cognition
  • Helps promote endurance, strength, muscle size and rate of muscle recovery.
  • Helps improve sexual performance health in men and women, and testosterone in men.

RedNite® is the first concentrated fresh beet root powder, which is high in nitrates to improve exercise performance and endurance in athletes.

It has 25 times more nitrate than beets. It is a dark red product with a pleasant mild sweet flavor, soluble in water.


Among its features:

  • May increase performance and exercise tolerance
  • May increase stamina and endurance in athletes.
  • Potential to help maintain cardiovascular and brain health
  • Contains 1.5% to 2.75% natural nitrate


RedNite® is a valuable source of dietary nitrates compared to vegetables.

Testofen® is a fenugreek extract standardized for 50% Fenuside™ (saponins).

These components in Testofen® may support healthy sexual desire and vitality, muscle mass, free testosterone levels in men, and help reduce normal symptoms of andropause in men.


Testofen® is a totally natural supplement whose main component is fenuside, a combination of saponins that naturally stimulate androgens within the system.

Spermidine is a vital substance for all living beings due to its antioxidant effect and stimulator of autophagy (elimination and recycling of necessary cellular components).

It is a natural anti-aging mediator.


This product is extracted from buckwheat which, during its germination, has been enriched with Spermidine added to the seeds to accelerate germination and plant growth.


Its applications are based on:

  • Protection against cardiac aging.
  • Positive effect on metabolic syndromes, obesity and type 2 diabetes.
  • Neuroprotective effect: protects against neurodegeneration and memory loss and delayed development of dementia.

VEGANTOP® is a 100% natural superfood rich in fruits and vegetables that provides a multitude of nutritional benefits for the health and well-being of the body.

It is not a simple mixture of plant extracts but a unique association of 10 vegetables and fruits extracted together in a single extraction process, characterized by a natural abundance of antioxidants, amino acids, trace elements and vitamin B12.


100% soluble product ideal for solid forms and instant drinks aimed at counteracting oxidative stress and silent inflammation, supporting cardiovascular health, slowing down cognitive deterioration and skin aging, contributing to the reduction of fatigue and the normal functioning of the waterproof system. Practical and easy to use, perfect for sports products.


Composition: Lucana red eggplant, spinach, cauliflower, white bean, beet, apple, flaxseed, oats, purslane, lemon, vitamin B12.


Enzi-mix® is a mixture of digestive enzymes formulated to facilitate the digestion of a wide spectrum of nutrients, improving gastrointestinal absorption.

Contains lactase, amylase, protease, glucoamylase, cellulase, lipase and pectinase.


Formulated as an adjuvant of the digestive processes with the aim of reducing the symptoms of poor digestion.


It can also be included in “detoxifying” supplements, to control body weight, improve immunity or optimize energy balance.


Active at body temperature and gastrointestinal pH.


Safe and effective, either alone or in combination with other natural ingredients that can be taken with every meal.



Extramel® is an extract from a specific variety of melon (Cucumis melo L.).

Whose active ingredient extracted is the enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD), with a standardized enzymatic activity of ≥ 14,000 IU/g.


It is microencapsulated in a layer of excipients composed of fatty acids.


Hydrogenated products of plant origin, which gives it greater bioavailability thanks to its gastro-resistant capacity.


Its evidence is reinforced by several of its own clinical trials whose conclusions highlight the ability to interact effectively and naturally in reducing stress and fatigue (physical and mental activity). It is also related to antioxidant capacity at the cellular level, having a possible positive effect on some aspects of neurobehavior.


KERA-DIET® is a food grade keratin hydrolysate, containing natural L-amino acids, extracted from a permitted and controlled source of keratin.

In addition, it contains a stable and unique profile of 17 amino acids, of which 86.5% is in the free form. Its absorption is instant due to its very low molecular weight (100% <800 Daltons).


KERA-DIET® improves the condition of hair and nails: shine, volume, density, growth, and vitality. It enhances endogenous keratinocytes and glutathione production.


European origin.

Aspalathus GRT®

Aspalathus GTR® is a dry extract obtained from the unfermented leaves of green Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) standardized by HPLC at 14% spalatin.

Main constituents of the phytocomplex: flavonoids (aspalatin, notophagin, aspalalinin, orientin, isorientin, rutin, vitexin, luteolin, quercetin).


Adjuvant in:

  • The improvement of metabolic syndrome and type II diabetes.
  • Weight control
  • Dyslipidemia and cardioprotection
  • Hepatic steatosis and oxidative stress
  • Related to immunomodulation processes


Pharmaceutical forms that can be used in: capsules, tablets, soft capsules, granules and soluble powders, solutions.


(Oleuropeina 40 and 70% from Olea europaea leaves)
In this case we want to talk about the multiple benefits of oleuropein, which is an active phyto‐compound that is extracted from olives and immature olive leaves.

Its main properties demonstrated in pre-clinical, epidemiological and clinical studies are for:

  • Metabolic syndrome and Diabetes type II
  • Cardiovascular prevention
  • Neurodegenerative pathologies (Alzheimer, Parkinson)
  • Hepatic steatosis (NASH)


Recommended dose: 100-150 mg/day of oleuropein in a single or divided administration.

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